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Is mental illness a curable disease?

Good number of mental illnesses are very well controllable like any other medical illness.

Who are all the behavioral experts to approach for my psychological problems?

Psychiatrists, Clinical psychologists, Psychiatric social workers, Psychiatric nurses, Occupational therapists, Speech therapists, and ABA specialists are the different behavioral experts.

What kind of services can you expect from a Psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists assess the case in detail, rule out other medical problems behind behavioral disorders, ask for necessary baseline investigations, and then treat with medicine, counseling & other behavioral therapy services.

What is the difference between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors, unlike Psychologists, and must evaluate patients to determine whether their symptoms are the result of a physical illness, a combination of physical and mental ailments, or strictly psychiatric. A Psychiatrist usually works as the clinical leader of the multidisciplinary team, which may comprise of Psychologists, Social workers, Occupational therapists, and Nursing staff. Psychiatrists have broad training in a bio-psycho-social approach to assessment and management of mental illness. Psychologists are experts in assessment and behavior therapy/psychotherapy for different behavioral disorders. They have a non-medical background and have Masters or Doctorate in Psychology. They will not be able to prescribe medicines. They work with Psychiatrists as a team. Every behavioral problem should be assessed initially by a Psychiatrist to rule out other medical causes before being assessed and managed by a Psychologist.

What are the follow-up sessions meant for?

Follow-up sessions are meant for assessing the improvement, continuing behavior/psychotherapy, to titrate the medicines, to assess or report side effects of the medicines and also to impart psychoeducation to the client and their family members.

How long would a session with a Psychiatrist last?

It varies from case to case. Generally, it is a 30-minutes session for first visit or fresh case, and 15 minutes for follow-up cases. Clients can request for more time at the time of booking itself if they want to have more time for a session.

Do all behavioral problems need medicines?

No, there are many psychological problems where the client needs only counseling/behavioral therapy services and not medicinal treatment.

When should I see a psychologist?

Whenever and wherever your treating Physician/Psychiatrist suggests an assessment or therapy by the Clinical Psychologist or Psychotherapist, you can have sessions with them and then should strictly follow the therapeutic suggestions from them.

Can I take medicines from other branches of medicine and medicines for other illnesses along with Psychiatric medicines?

Generally, there are no contraindications for taking medicines for any other diseases or that from any other branches of medicine, but it is a safe practice to take these medicines with the consent of your treating Psychiatrist.

How long should I continue a medicine? Can I stop a medicine by myself?

Clients must strictly follow the Psychiatrist’s advice on dose, duration and timing of medicines. Different cases need different dose and duration of medicines. Stopping medicines without doctor’s advice can lead to withdrawal syndromes and relapse of the problem. Always inform the doctor without any delay regarding the side effects or allergic reactions from the medicines.

Whom should I contact in the case of a violent/excited patient for help/hospitalization?

For violent and unmanageable behaviorally ill patients, you should either call an ambulance or police for help.

Is Hypnotherapy a good treatment option for all behavioral disorders?

Hypnotherapy, in general, has only very limited efficacy in behavioral disorders.

Will the sessions and treatment under Psychiatrists be covered under insurance?

A good number of insurance policies cover Psychological problems these days. It depends on the providers and their policies. You can always check the coverage, either with your insurance provider or with our booking staff (+971 58 947 5293), in advance by sharing your insurance card or Emirates ID copy with them.

Will confidentiality be maintained in general by the therapists?

Yes, behavioral experts provide ethical services maintaining confidentiality.

When should I see a behavioral expert?

Insomnia, feeling low and down, anxious, self-harm thoughts, fatigue, altered appetite, forgetfulness, hyperactivity, impulsivity, premenstrual mood changes, body image problems, sexual problems, disturbing thoughts, panic attacks, phobias are common problems which require help from behavioral experts.

Do you provide inpatient services for Psychological disorders?

No, we don't provide inpatient services.

Do you provide ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) and TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) services?

Yes, we don't. For all ECT / TMS indicated cases, we refer them to the right centers.

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