'Wellness Mantra'

June 23, 2019

It reminds me of an elderly couple who visited my clinic long time back. When I asked them about the purpose of their visit, they told me, “we don’t have any problems, but we believe that we may live for another 10 to 20 years, so we would like to seek help to improve the quality of our life”. So these days it’s all about ‘positive health or wellness’ based on Quality of Life (QoL) whether it’s physical or mental.

Ideally with better health indices which we have, we shouldn’t hear much about mortality or morbidity in young people, but we hear such sad news on a daily basis. This should be an eye opener for all of us to go for corrective steps. We may be harboring a lot of major health issues even when we feel apparently normal and functioning well.

Good number of major medical problems can either be prevented or can be diagnosed and managed well if we can subject ourselves to wellness checks in anticipation.

We do take care of our material possessions like our car very well. We will take our car regularly to service centers whether it is new or old to keep the car in good shape and to avoid breaking down on the road. Our life is irreplaceable and much more valuable than a car, so please take care of it like a treasure.

Let our healthcare facilities be a place of wellness rather than a place with sick people with sick feelings.

Let’s transfer this message of positive heath or wellness to our kids and future generations.

'Health is Wealth'

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